Trash As Fashion? Fashion With A Brain? Garbage Gone Glam!

Trash as fashion? Am I talking about Courtney Love? No, it’s Garbage Gone Glam! This fabulous chick, Kristen Alyce, has taken her passion for fashion and combined it with eco-friendly ideas to make her designs speak for her. In more ways than one!

With access to the Palm Beach elite,@GarbageGoneGlam has leveraged their influence by using beautiful designs to spread their passion about safeguarding our beautiful planet. They’re even taking their glam selves on a 25 city tour…wait for it…by hitching a ride on an 18 wheeler cross country!

Check out the amazing fashions and eco-friendly ideas in a green city near you:

Great inspiration. Hydrants, phone poles, art deco buildings…whatever gets you thru it. Run run run!


I am a bit of a creature of habit.  I wear the same running clothes (I do try to wash them twice a week), run the same course with minor variations for distance, and chant the same mantra as I fight my way through the last half mile.

Run the hydrants, babe.  Just run the hydrants.

It has never changed, albeit I have only been on this running program since May.  As I round the corner at the last half mile mark I start to think about how close I am to finishing.  Previous posts will tell you I am not a big fan of running, so the end of a run is quite possibly the only part I actually like.  Because I am a glutton for punishment (and my condo is located on a hill) the last half mile is two-thirds uphill and one-third slight decline / mostly flat.  This…

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Diane, A Broad

I’ll be honest, reader. I’ve been a little heartsick this week. To cheer myself up, I took myself out on a lot of nice lunches in light-filled restaurants and visited lots of pretty streets despite my tired soles.

Rose Bakery
46 rue des Martyrs, 75009 (Notre Dame de Lorette)
01 42 82 12 80

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Quick and Easy Garlicky Hummus

You worked out today. And you worked out hard. Especially if you’re strength training you need to give your muscles the protein fuel they need to repair themselves after your workout. Often, those who resistance train find themselves with an increased appetite due to the steady afterburn from this type of exercise. So what kind of snacks can you have to both satisfy that hunger and help rebuild those muscles?

How ’bout some hummus! Chickpeas aka garbanzo beans are a protein powerhouse. Plus, as a legume they’re packed with fiber, too. Making it at home is not only far easier on the wallet but also saves you from the nasty sodium benzoate and other preservatives in the packaged stuff. It’s easy peasy, I promise.

Add in some whole grain toasts or flax seed crackers and you’ve got yourself a balanced vegan snack that’s both fulfilling and functional. Check out this garlicky good recipe idea from Melissa’s Menu. Yummy! What add-ins do you like to include in your hummus?

Melissa's Menu

Yesterday, the hubby and I went to a local garlic festival which left me craving delicious, healthy garlic dishes. While we were there we purchased three different types of garlic. German, Vietnamese, and Purple Czech. This afternoon when I was in the mood for a snack I decided to put some of our new purchases to good use.

First quarter one small onion and peel two heads of garlic. Yes, two heads. I used Purple Czech which has a mild flavor. Depending on the type of garlic you have on hand, this amount may need to be adjusted.

The garlic and onion go into the food processor. If you do not have a food processor this could easily be done in a blender.

Rinse and strain one sixteen ounce can of chick peas, reserving the liquid.

The chickpeas join the garlic and onion in the food processor.

Season with salt, pepper…

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Get Alkaline – Not Just For Batteries

Your pH, alkaline or not, is important to vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores alike. At least it should be. The latest buzz ingredients such as flax seeds, coconut oil, and wheat grass are beginning to bring alkaline vegan foods to the forefront.

Your pH should hover a little over neutral. Just about everything bad we do to our bodies and put in our bodies are acid producing. Processed foods, meat, fish, alcohol, cheese, white flour, and stress are all contributors. Alkaline promoting activities include getting adequate rest, eating a heavily plant based diet, and including alkaline producing foods in your diet each day. Dark leafy greens are alkaline champions so get em in daily even if you need to put em in a shake or smoothie to get the job done.

An acidic body will let you know things are not right. Your system is not clean and your enzymes are not balanced and not only will you not feel your best you are likely to get colds much more often as a result. Gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, frequent headaches, constipation, and even acne are all signs of an imbalance. Left unchecked, an acidic body is ripe for all sorts of negative conditions ranging from acidosis and candida to cancer.

Lemons, limes, and oranges, although an acidic pH, are alkaline-forming foods. Why? They do not require that the body produce a lot of acid to break them down. Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar is though to be this way as well. Although some foods may seem counterintuitive, as a general rule whole unprocessed foods leaning heavily on plants and dark leafy greens will keep you close to the neutral zone.

An easy and tasty alkaline snack to add to your bag include organic seaweed snacks and the green superfood bars like those from Amazing Grass. Make some small changes today and you’ll start feeling big changes tomorrow. What are your favorite alkalizing snacks?








Thanks go to Kittikun Atsawintarangkul for Image ID: 10025464

Insanity’s Shaun T Dishes on New Gig With Powerade Zero and Working Out in Undies

Kristin at was lucky enough to have a sit down w/Shaun T of Insanity and Asylum fame. In honor of today’s Powerade No Excuses Live Workout Tour here it is:

He’s tough, he’s inspiring, and—let’s face it—he’s a hottie. Shaun T has taken the fitness world by storm in the last couple of years, and he (and those abs) show no sign of stopping. Hip Hop Abs and Insanity have just about made him a household name, and with his latest project, The Asylum, set to hit the infomercial circuit this summer, we’re pretty sure we’ll only see more of him.

Not that we’re complaining. Oh, no.

Currently, Shaun T is working with Powerade Zero and doing the rounds on the Zero Excuses Tour, but he found a few minutes to chat with us. And we managed not to giggle like schoolgirls.

Interview with Insanity’s Shaun T

  • FBG: So, you’re working with Powerade Zero. How did you get involved, and why did you choose this partnership?
  • ST: The reason I chose to work with Powerade Zero and do the Zero Excuses Tour is that one of the things I try to help people do is lose weight and get better bodies. If you want to lose weight, don’t drink your calories. With Powerade Zero, I can use it as a sports drink, which is great because my workouts are very sports-oriented.When I did an event with Powerade Zero last year, it was a great fit—they support all the things I preach about. They were excited and motivated, just like me. I think it’s just a perfect match.
  • FBG: I’m told you lost 50 pounds in college, which must’ve been a huge challenge. How do you use the mentality that got you through your weight-loss when facing other obstacles?
  • ST: In Insanity, the packaging says, “Dig deeper.” People who are overweight, they’re searching for a goal; every number is so important. I was 228 pounds, then I was 215 pounds, and I kept working at it, kept losing weight. As you start to go down the “weight ladder,” it gets harder to keep losing weight. [To get where you want to be] you have to dig deeper—focus and push through.
  • FBG: Insanity is such a huge success, and it seems to coincide, timing-wise, with the rising popularity of other hardcore workouts like CrossFit. Do you think these workouts appeal to the same types of people? And are they complementary?
  • ST: I know people who do Insanity every day, six days a week, and they go to the CrossFit box and do a round and see how fit they are. I say no workout is bad; every workout has a beneficial factor. There are certain things I don’t do in my workout, and I do it in CrossFit, and I’m so sore! And then there are things I do in Insanity that really work people who do CrossFit. So, I think they really help each other out.

  • FBG: As you likely know, a lot of the ladies don’t just love your workouts—they love you. How has that aspect of your job affected your life? You know, being a sex symbol?
  • ST: The one thing I love about the success of Insanity is that people see me on the street and they’re always so happy. They’ve succeeded at something, and I helped them do that. It’s actually really fun. I really like going to the events when people are like, “Hey, Shaun T, can I feel your abs?” And I’m like, what if my abs aren’t where I want them to be that day?
  • FBG: That’s motivation right there!
  • ST: Definitely. The people looking up to me, they hold me accountable. I love it.
  • FBG: A lot of folks I know have copped to stripping down to their undies to do the Insanity workout. So, let me ask, on behalf of our readers—you’re home or in a hotel room, all alone, and doing a killer workout. What are you wearing?
  • ST: I am wearing sneakers, socks and my underwear. [Laughs.] When I’m in a hotel room, what’s the point of putting on a pair of shorts and sweating them out? If you’ve got a mirror, you get a good view of your body and what you’re doing when you’re just in your underwear!

As a Fit Bottomed Girl who sweated through lots of shorts before deciding to just do the Insanity workouts in my undergarments, I’m glad to hear Shaun T is right there with me. And his four-word mantra to help us celebrate our four-year birthday? “Be in it to win it!” Okay, so that’s six words with two to grow on. We still heart him. And his abs.

Have you ever done the Insanity workout, and are any of you looking forward to Asylum?

Insanity’s Shaun T Dishes on New Gig With Powerade Zero and Working Out in Undies.

Quinoa – Tiny Little Super Seed







Quinoa is a nutrient packed vegan superfood. Not a grain, although it cooks and performs like one, it is actually a seed. Quick cooking on the stovetop or in a rice or pressure cooker, quinoa can stand in for rice in myriad dishes. For the vegan or plant-based diet fitness crowd, quinoa is a complete protein making it an ideal choice for muscle support.

In addition to being a complete protein, other plusses of quinoa include high fiber content and magnesium. The more natural unadulterated fiber you can pack into your diet the better. If you’re not used to high fiber foods yet then add them in little by little each day over a few weeks until you are. Not only does it help heart health, digestion, and (ahem) regularity, it helps you feel full longer. And that is always a good thing!

Quinoa tastes deliciously mild and slightly nutty. There is a subtle crunch combined with satisfying softness making for a toothsome addition to your repertoire. Use it anywhere you would use rice such as with a stir fry or with beans. One of my fave ways to enjoy quinoa is for breakfast! Toss on a little fresh fruit and some non-dairy creamer and presto you’ve got a super healthy start to your day.

Keeping well for a number of days in the fridge, quinoa is a staple you can prep at the beginning of the week and always have a healthy and fulfilling option on hand. Organic and fair-trade quinoa is readily available and even in the more affordable bulk bins at many grocery stores. I especially like the multi-colored options from Alter Eco and they even have some yum looking recipes on their site. Let me know if you try any out!


Top Ten Essential Oils for Your First Aid Kit

Thanks go to ecomii blogs and Mindy Green for this awesome home remedy post all about my fave fair-trade essential oils!

You may be aware that essential oils (EOs) can be an effective remedy for a variety of common complaints that can be treated at home such as, insect bites, sunburn, strained muscles and rashes.

However you may not know that essential oils are also helpful for headaches, sore throat, fatigue, bruises and more.

Follow guidelines for diluting essential oils and their suggested uses and you will be amazed. All of these oils are meant for diluted and external use only.

Top Ten Essential Oils for Your First Aid Kit

EOs are effective due to their small molecular size and lipid solubility.

  1. Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) – astringent, tonic, varicose veins, sore throat.
  2. Chamomile, German (Matricaria chamomilla) – inflammation, bruises, sprains, tension, pain.
  3. Eucalyptus  (Eucalyptus globulus) – congestion, inflammation, colds, flu, viral skin eruptions.
  4. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) – bee stings, insect bites, sunburn, headache, bruises, sprains, acne, rash, stress, insomnia, sore muscles.
  5. Lemon (Citrus limonum) – digestive tonic, sore throat, detoxification, lymphatic congestion.
  6. Marjoram (Oreganum majorana) – antispasmodic, sore muscles, insomnia, cramps.
  7. Orange (Citrus sinensis) – stomach problems, depression, acne, insomnia, headache.
  8. Rosemary (Rosmarinus officianalis) – headache, fatigue, hangover, constipation, muscle aches, increased circulation.
  9. Spearmint (Mentha spicata) – indigestion, headache, fatigue, fever, sinusitis, stings and bites.
  10. Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) – athlete’s foot, burns, warts, acne, cold sores, flu, insect bites.


Combine the following formulas with two ounces of carrier oil. All the combinations are given in EO drops and suggested external application as massage, bath oil, inhalation or specific instruction, as given.

  • Anxiety: 7 lavender, 5 geranium, 4 lemon, 1 orange
  • Burns: 20 drops lavender in one ounce aloe vera juice or gel
  • Cough: 5 cypress, 5 eucalyptus, 3 lemon

(as an inhalation or 1 drop as a gargle)

  • Fatigue: 13 rosemary, 5 lemon, 2 spearmint
  • Bruising: 5 lavender, 5 chamomile, 3 geranium, 2 tea tree, 5 cypress
  • Insomnia: 15 Lavender, 5 orange, 5 marjoram
  • Stress: 5 chamomile, 10 lavender, 5 marjoram
  • Stings or Insect Bites: 10 tea tree, 10 lavender
  • Muscle Strain: 5 rosemary, 3 eucalyptus, 5 marjoram, 7 lavender

Mindy Green an author, consultant, speaker and nationally recognized authority on botanicals. Facebook Mindy

Top Ten Essential Oils for Your First Aid Kit – from ecomii blogs.

Is Caffeine Really The Devil?

It’s the devil! Avoid caffeine at all costs! Or maybe not? In moderation, a cup of coffee has it’s benefits. Vegans need not fret, there are even non-dairy cruelty-free creamer options. While taking your coffee black may be the best way to absorb all the benefits, having your coffee with some vegan non-daily creamer based on coconut milk, almond milk, or soy milk may really up the enjoyment.

Flavonols, catechins, antioxidants, energy, and more! Before a workout a cup of joe can help you perform longer, harder, faster, and with more accuracy. The reduction in fatigue from this energy boost can help you exercise harder, lift heavier, perform more reps, you get the idea. Whether you’re interested in burning more fat, building more muscle, or increasing your endurance it seems that some good organic fair-trade coffee can help you get more from your exercise.

The caffeine in coffee can even help you feel better about your workout. When you feel good about your workout you’re more likely to exercise again, right? Anything that can help motivate you to continue your fitness regimen is a good thing in my book!

Image courtesy of Apple's Eyes Studio/

Workout Fashion – Why Not?

Lululemon, Athleta, VSX, Lucy, Black & Gold, Body By Brazil, BodyUp I could fill up the whole blog with the list of companies getting with the program. I got to thinking about it while sweating it out to Chalene Johnson’s ChaLEAN Extreme. Check out those faboosh star earrings! OMG, want!

So you’re dedicated to fitness. Each day you’re getting active sweating it out. If you’re in a gym running the hamster wheel, I mean treadmill, you get to looking around due to boredom and you realize your outfit could use an upgrade. Strutting your stuff around South Beach as I do workout outfits are seen all year round. So just how important is it to look good?

Very! Why? Much of my workout routine is done solo and indoors. Does Shaun T and his Insanity Team need to see me look cute? Will Chalene care if I show up to class in a well put together getup? Of course not. But I WILL! That is the most important thing here. It’s not about impressing others it is about impressing yourself. If dressing up in something you feel great in helps you to push play each day, then do it. If investing in some new outfits will encourage you to gear up every day and get moving, then do it.

Nobody can do the work for you but you. True lasting change must be done by you. Recommit continually and do it for you and others will follow. Results will follow. Happiness will follow.

Tell me what motivates you Let’s have a conversation!

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