McDonald’s to Open Vegetarian Restaurants in India in 2013

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In an effort to appeal to the palates of local customers in India, popular fast-food joint McDonald’s will be opening a chain of vegetarian restaurants beginning in 2013. Since opening their first restaurant in India in 1996, they have added more than 270 stores in the region.

According to an article by Amy Kazmin in the Financial Times, the company has eyed locations such as, Amritsar, which is home to the Golden Temple and Katra. In addition, a future McDonald’s locations may include a small town in Jammu & Kashmir that houses the shrine of Hindu goddess Vaishno Devi. Both sites are popular tourist destinations and attract a large number of people everyday.

Rajesh Kumar Maini, spokesman of McDonald’s India tells the Financial Times, “A vegetarian store makes absolute sense in the places which are famous as pilgrimage sites.”

In a country where cows are sacred and…

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