Workout Fashion – Why Not?

Lululemon, Athleta, VSX, Lucy, Black & Gold, Body By Brazil, BodyUp I could fill up the whole blog with the list of companies getting with the program. I got to thinking about it while sweating it out to Chalene Johnson’s ChaLEAN Extreme. Check out those faboosh star earrings! OMG, want!

So you’re dedicated to fitness. Each day you’re getting active sweating it out. If you’re in a gym running the hamster wheel, I mean treadmill, you get to looking around due to boredom and you realize your outfit could use an upgrade. Strutting your stuff around South Beach as I do workout outfits are seen all year round. So just how important is it to look good?

Very! Why? Much of my workout routine is done solo and indoors. Does Shaun T and his Insanity Team need to see me look cute? Will Chalene care if I show up to class in a well put together getup? Of course not. But I WILL! That is the most important thing here. It’s not about impressing others it is about impressing yourself. If dressing up in something you feel great in helps you to push play each day, then do it. If investing in some new outfits will encourage you to gear up every day and get moving, then do it.

Nobody can do the work for you but you. True lasting change must be done by you. Recommit continually and do it for you and others will follow. Results will follow. Happiness will follow.

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