Trash As Fashion? Fashion With A Brain? Garbage Gone Glam!

Trash as fashion? Am I talking about Courtney Love? No, it’s Garbage Gone Glam! This fabulous chick, Kristen Alyce, has taken her passion for fashion and combined it with eco-friendly ideas to make her designs speak for her. In more ways than one!

With access to the Palm Beach elite,@GarbageGoneGlam has leveraged their influence by using beautiful designs to spread their passion about safeguarding our beautiful planet. They’re even taking their glam selves on a 25 city tour…wait for it…by hitching a ride on an 18 wheeler cross country!

Check out the amazing fashions and eco-friendly ideas in a green city near you:


Eco-Friendly, Super Chic, Thirst Quenching On The Run? Vapur – The Anti-Bottle!

So you’re running out for the day and you know you’re gonna be thirsty. Disposable bottles make a dent on your wallet as well as the environment. Toting one of those is decidedly un-chic. Enter Vapur – The Anti-Bottle.

Vapur has a variety of sweet designs and fab guest artist designs. Even better, they’re BPA free, super lightweight, and collapsible. Yes, collapsible! No worries if you have a small handbag – these roll right up and fit in even a teeny tiny purse. Bring Results & Recovery Formula to your workout, water to quench your thirst while shopping up a storm, even some wine for your outdoor picnic.

Check em out here, at Whole Foods, or on Amazon:

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